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The Ultimate Entrepreneur Club is out to change your perceptions of what is happening in the world of economics and finance. The national debt is at 18 Trillion for the US and over 6 Billion for the UK, it cannot ever be repaid. This will not only lower the standard of living but it is a ruse that is about to collapse.

… helping people help themselves

People have been brainwashed to "accept" and few dare protest. They have been conditioned in the "public school" system which encourages dependency and "tolerable poverty".

The problem is that the central banking system creates money out of thin air and ultimately, mathematically, the bubble must burst! We live in a debt economy that only benefits the private shareholders of the central banks

If you think your central banking system or the Fed is owned by your government, think again. But governments are now so inured and so dependent upon this system, they have become unwittingly corrupted by it. The good news is that those who understand the drastic changes that are about to take place can benefit and profit tremendously! The Ultimate Entrepreneur explains, where, what and how.

The Club explains and informs their members how they can protect their assets and money, where the new world economy is going and what you can do not to be left behind in an ever increasing technology and information oriented society. All you need is knowledge and times will be better for you than ever. But unfortunately most people do not wish to educate themselves and lose by default.

It's Your Money

A series of episodes unmatched by anything ever seen or heard. The Ultimate Entrepreneur Club makes this incisive, no holds barred, CD series available to its membership!

In this invaluable series, Dr. Lin explains what has been happening in the world and why. He rationalizes and then explains (with devastating, visceral logic), how people in society will begin suffering ever more and why.

Dr. Lin clearly explains why governments hold antiquated thinking and the myth of the welfare state is about to come to an end. It is an effective indictment of the massive social engineering policies that have ruined many great nations and is about to ruin YOUR world.

He tells you, in no uncertain words, what your choices are and what you must do in order to stay in the new economy and not become another dissatisfied and disgruntled statistic hoping for a government hand out.

Why jobs are disappearing and why it was all planned and by whom. Why is it that Social Insurance programs do not work and by the time your are about to collect, they will disappear. Why income and inheritance taxes are fraudulent and how you don't have to participate in a society that is utterly corrupt.

Why computer technology has and will continue to change people and governments, money, work habits, jobs and what the future holds for those who are unprepared. It is no longer a question of whether, just a question of when. The naive of a largely ignorant public and media, is a blatant and abhorrent example of how mis-education has worked and how the public has been dumbed down.


You can't do it by listening to others, look where they are!

You can only do it by changing your thinking!

We tell you how to do that and how to recognize the signs of uninformed press and media rantings but recognize the signs and then profit!

You can't do it by listening to others, look where they are!

Do what you always do and think like you always think, you'll get what you always got

Weapons of Knowledge

For the first time, Dr. Lin recorded two, high-demand CD's on banking and credit. He then added four books, from credit to offshore. This comprehensive pack dominates the market with insightful and practical knowledge to assist the average person in understanding the banking and credit systems.

The Series continues with Dr. Cathers' phenomenal series on Decreasing Your Debt and Investing and Taking risk strategies, along with Simone Linschoten's millionaire mindsets and how you can think like a millionaire, bursting the pre-conceived 'bubble' on how millionaire's have become successful and how it is possible for the average person to substantially increase their wealth.

This Series de-conditions one further and exposes the world as a plethora of opportunity - something most beaurocracies do not want you to know. If you know it, then you are free from any fear-based beaurocracy.

Free: The Biggest Swindle Video; Copyright, The Ultimate Entrepreneur.

70% of all people have problems with their credit reports.

Most of them don't even understand it.

If you think you have good credit, you have already been victimized!

Credit reporting agencies do not care about the accuracy of their reports!

Who says you cannot negotiate your debts without some agency charging you an arm and a leg?

How to handle and intimidate nasty creditors and collection agencies.

Why you should never ever talk to the bureaus!

How to legally protect yourself from judgements and creditors.

Anyone can have A1 credit.

Why you need to control your own financial information.

How to strategically plan for good credit by design! Your design!

What to do with bad credit and how to correct it.

Getting your own financial house in order with this step by step method, now in International format for the first time, makes a practical reference and now for years to come. You don't need accountants and lawyers to get your credit to A1 status again. You can do it with this and save thousands of dollars. By the way, this is not your average run of the mill credit cleaning strategy. It is the definitive work of the Fair Credit Foundation and very well researched and when implemented will give you many years of peace and knowing how to handle credit problems

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