In 1993, following an American recession, Dr. Lin, a psychologist and Jeffersonian Libertarian, was disenchanted with the American political system. He was an immigrant from The Netherlands and had extensively studied American History: including the Founding Fathers and the Constitution. He held the tenets within the Constitution in the highest regard and was the it was the deciding factor in his move to the United States in the late 1970's. However, he became disappointed with the political state, noting the influence of statutory law into the originally common law system.

After the banking and loan scandals during the late 1980's and laws that led to a devastating American recession in the early 1990's, Dr. Lin began to educate people on, among other things: the credit system and the rights of consumers. He eventually began Investors International with his daughter, Simone Linschoten in 1993.

Dr. Lin began to develop an extraordinary system, because he believed that direct sales, coupled with a personal, financial, education program, would assist the average person to become independently wealthy, regardless of any country's current economic struggles. Direct sales itself originated as a way to help people make money and work out of their homes in their spare time. It was meant to help the average person increase their wealth. Dr. Lin began to think that if he took timeless financial knowledge and put it together within a direct sales program, he could help individuals achieve personal freedom.

Investors International witnessed phenomenal success, holding nine, coarse bsed seminars, and boasting nearly 15,000 members by 1996. Through 1998, Investors International continued to grow steadily and reached an approximate membership of 25,000 by 2002.

In 2003, Dr. Lin launched NEI, also a direct sales program, in Europe and saw substantial success in only two years.

In 2007, Dr. Lin and the advisory board thought it necessary to open the Club to all members of Investors International and NEI and to combine the most successful products from both programs. The Ultimate Entrepreneur Club adopted its marketing plan and "It's Your Money Series" from Investors International. Dr. Lin added his books, "Weapons of Knowledge CD Series," and "The Fair Credit Foundation International Manual" to the Club's very comprehensive and current "Stage One Package."

In May of 2007, Dr. Lin passed away and his daughter, Simone Linschoten was voted in as Chairman. In continuation of her father's legacy, she has added three more CD's to the Weapons of Knowledge Series and has continued to expand the program worldwide. She is spearheading the translation of Fictions of Freedom into both Dutch and Spanish. By 2011, the Club will include a Spanish version of the program (Stage One) and a spanish translator on all Stage Two materials. Simone, along with members, directors, and advisory board members, continue to spread the message of personal freedom and independent wealth throughout the globe.

Of Tongue and Pen

Our plan is to reach as many people as possible and expose our incredible system to them. But, we also know there is a reason why 92% of all people end up poor and having to depend on government hand outs. They may work hard but few work smart! John Whittier said: "For all the words of tongue and pen, the saddest are these; it might have been!"

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