International Arena

International Arena

Have you ever wondered what it must be like to have group of people together who are all accomplishing, each on an individual basis, what is most irregular in our society? Namely they are all making lots of money! They are expanding the economy. They are helping people all over the world to become prosperous and educating our members to understand economics and finance the way it has never been taught before. They help and receive! Unusual? You bet. These people are not exploiting others, they are not fooling anyone; they are honest, forthright, ethical and straightforward in their goals to achieve the best for themselves and the other members of the Club.

The Entrepreneurs Club helps not only those with lots of experience; we help the average member, from the plumber to the real estate salesman, from the businessman to the doctor to the dentist and yes, the homemaker and the retired person. All people need to do is understand the simple tenets of free enterprise. With our program untold people are becoming wealthy and you'll be able to see it for yourself by getting together on a second stage 5-7 day seminar or cruise somewhere in the world. (We have given a total of 28 seminars to date.)

And by the way, you are making money (cash) while on the cruise! Here you can hear for yourself how you can make it happen by becoming a member and have it pay off big time for yourself and others. Here you learn what to do with your newly acquired funds and how and where to invest. The speakers you will hear have been carefully selected and amongst them you will find economists, expert financial scholars, millionaire computer whiz-kids, PT's (perpetual travelers) and currency traders, offshore specialists and bankers. You will want to get there as soon as you can and yes, you will love it! Don't miss the boat


You will understand how REAL money is multiplied and how you can do it. Your life will take on a different meaning: you will make money and banking contacts while you are on the cruise.

You are becoming recogonized as an accredited International Financier having access to a multitude of international contacts.

Spend ten days in the Caribbean or the Mediterranean, on a cruise ship with fellow winners who have all suceeded with each other. Nothing could be better. That is what the Ultimate Entrepreneur Club is all about!

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