The Proposition

Our Proposition

Using unique and sound business opportunities to create wealth and profits.

Direct sales is commonly used by large corporations through out the world to train salesmen. The Club takes this one step further, training members to become distributors and realize unimaginable profits. No fills. No gimmicks. This is not a get rich scheme. Our members create long-term wealth and success.

It's simple: Earn while you learn.

A unique educational and financial opportunity of unprecedented proportions which enables the average individual to participate with complete confidence and safety.

Stage One - Your Entry Point

It's Your Money!
Insightful and powerful strategies for the new world!

A proprietary educational package not available in libraries, schools or universities. Economics from a unique perspective with insight into our decreasing standard of living as some individuals see increasingly significant improvements. The historic perspective on money and financing, economic principles and consequences, privacy and protecting it, protecting assets, offshore and tax opportunities.

Global Finance (1 & 2),
Introduction to Politics, Economics and their impact.

The Future


Money and Finance

Protecting Privacy

Protecting Assets (1 & 2)

Offshore Opportunities

Tax Opportunities

Weapons of Knowledge:
8 comprehensive CD's

Marketing and Banking: What you need to know to prosper in this century. Where money comes from, how it's printed, compound interest, how banking systems work and how to profit from it.

Debt and Credit: Powerful debt negotiation strategies, step by step credit improvement program. A-1 credit status, credit card debt, decreasing debt strategies, the way to view debt, decreasing debt and building wealth.

The Art of Saving. Taking Risk. Investing: What the rich do, investing, saving, risks associated with investing.

The Quintessential Question: understanding jurisdiction, how the legal system works and worked historically to put conviction to work for you.(1 & 2)

Protecting Assets (1 & 2)

The Fair Credit Report: credit, getting A-1 status quickly and safely: includes over 50 templates and letters.

Should you like to become a distributor (or what we call director), your training will connect you with a knowledge expert offering support as part of a groups of 6: you will achieve this through the registration of 5 new members. Only the funds of the first six enrollees are submitted to the director, on completion new members train to become directors with their associated "team." You will interact with the Club, your director and members through the Internet and conference calls.

For over fifteen years we have provided substantial knowledge and extraordinary opportunities: including the Marketing Plan, and the Stage One Package as invaluable tools to personal wealth. We are not creating millionaires overnight but tangible, long-lasting solutions for your future stability and security.

A Powerful Strategy

A powerful step by step educational and financial strategy with which to create wealth! With the help of the Ultimate Entrepreneur Club average people can attain wealth faster and safer than any other plan, investment or purchase, anywhere on the market today.

It's simple: Earn while you learn.

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