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Continental Coffees      

Enjoy the best coffees from around the world, roasted to insure the subtle qualties of each bean are brought to their peak. Consider matching your coffee to your palette and the foods that accompany them. Out beans are as complex as wines and each has qualities that can bring out the best in what ever your wish to emphasize.


Coffees per lb half lb  
  $12.95 $7.50  
Penny Espresso

An espresso that has the right acidity, sweetness and body.
The first and only choice

Organic Fair Trade Guatemalan    



Guatemalan Antigua Medium    



Guatemalan Antigua Dark    



Extreme Bean    



Kenya 'AA'    

Distinctive dry, wine-like, aftertaste - full bodied and rich – blackberry aroma


Mocha Java    

Ethiopian Sidamo and Java Estate combine to provide intense acidity. Full body and flavor.


European Roast    

For those who like French Roast with a fuller flavor. Two thirds dark and one third medium roast coffee


Colombian Supremo    

Medium bodied, low acidity – Excellently balanced coffee


Ethiopian Mocha Harar    

Complex medium roast coffee with chocolate overtones, leading to a sweet


Sumatra Mendheling    

One of the most full bodied coffees, rich with low acidity


Tanzanian Peaberry    

Sharp acidity with spicy overtones. snappy and complex flavor


Beatnik Blend    



Cafe Barcelona    



South America Blend    

A blend of medium coffees to give a well rounded and intense flavor


Indian Monsoon Mysore    

Medium mellow flavor with a Touch of sweetness & spice Full aroma and low acidity


French Roast    



Mexican Custepec Altura Med    

Delicate in body, light in acidity with a slightly sweet aftertaste


Mexican Custepec Altura Dark    

Delicate in body, light in acidity with a slightly sweet aftertaste


Spitfire Joe    



Costa Rica La Minta    

Good hearty coffee, full bodied and robust, piquant acidity


Swiss H20 Decaf Colombian    



Swiss H20 Decaf Guatemalan    




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