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Tatts Promotions specializes in custom promotional temporary tattoos. We are located in Canada. The tattoos are non-toxic, full colour and ready in three weeks. We have shipped smaller quantities in one week. We can price your tattoo project just give us the size, quantity and delivery date. phild@tattspromotions.com

We can help you with your Promotion ideas, Marketing ideas, Advertising ideas, Trade Show ideas, Event ideas, Fund Raising ideas, Entertainers Promotion ideas, Golf Tournament Gift ideas and Party Favors ideas. Tattoos are inexpensive, create “word-of-mouth” endorsements and are targeted at your ideal audience.

Temporary Tattoos are inexpensive, for example $260 for 1,000 - 1.5”x1.5” full colour tattoos, 26 cents each. Tattoos create “word-of-mouth” endorsements because the person who received the tattoo will return to his friends and associates, they will ask about the tattoo, and the wearer will then give you the ultimate of endorsements “word-of-mouth”. Most of the tattoo wearer’s friends and associates will have the same demographics and taste, your target audience.

Our product has been called temp tattoos, removable tattoos, faux tattoos, tear away tattoos, fake tattoos, safe tattoos and stock tattoos. We produce all of the above.

Sometimes the people are looking for tatts, tats, tatoos, tattos, taatos, tatos, tatoes, tattoes, promotonal, promoshonal, kustom, kustim, custim, fak, removabl, removibl, removabel, tempory, temporery, temporiry and we supply all of these types too.

The tattoos are full colour, inexpensive, easy to apply and can last a week depending on wear and tear.

If you have any questions, please contact me.

Phil DaSilva
Tatts Promotions


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