Trade Show Ideas

Temporary Tattoos are ideal for trade show giveaways, trade show promotions, trade show marketing, and any other promotion you may be looking for.

If you are looking for an inexpensive yet effective promotion or marketing idea, we have one for you - Custom Temporary Tattoo. Temporary Tattoos are inexpensive, colourful, easy to apply and remove. The tattoo wearer becomes your spokesperson.

For corporate tradeshows, use the tattoos to draw potential customers to your booth by including your tattoo with your invite. Treat your tattoo as a wearable entry form. State that anyone wearing the tattoo would be entered for a special draw not available to the general attendee.

For family oriented tradeshows, use the tattoos to draw children to your booth by offering them free. Children love tattoos and you will have line ups. Treat your tattoo as a wearable giveaway. Let children know they can get free tattoos and they will line up with their parents close behind them. As you apply the tattoos, you’ll be able to talk to the parents and discover if they have a need for your service or product. Offer a draw for 35 Personalized Party Favor Tattoos (see below) and the entrees will give you names and contact information.

A realtor client had a booth at a local family festival. We suggested he give out Temporary Tattoos with his logo and his web site. He had children lining up at his booth once they heard they could get a free tattoo. The children’s parents were close behind them. The realtor had an opportunity to speak with the parents as he applied the tattoo (30 to 60+ seconds depending on how long you wish to chat with the parent). He found some were renting and would be looking to purchase a home shortly, some were looking for a new home and others had family moving to town. Thirty of them filled out the entry form for the 35 Personalized Party Favor Tattoos. He came away from the festival with thirty names with contact information of potential clients and that made his trade show booth a great success.

Tattoos create “word-of-mouth” marketing. When people wear your tattoos, their friends and associates will ask about the tattoos. When the tattoo wearer answers them, they become your spokesperson and give you the best of endorsements “word-of-mouth”.

You also get exposure to your ideal target market because the tattoo wearer’s friends and associates are similar in demographics and taste. This is the reason why tattoo marketing is so effective.

The tattoos are full colour, non-toxic, easy to apply and remove. They can last up to a week depending on wear-and-tear. To remove the tattoos, just use rubbing alcohol or baby lotion.

Examples of our pricing is $260 for 1,000 1.5”x1.5” tattoos (26 cents each) $800 for 10,000 1.5”x1.5” tattoos (8 cents each). Other sizes and quantities are available. Contact us for pricing.

Allow three weeks for printing. 100% money back guarantee.

We require high-resolution electronic artwork. E-mail your artwork using CMYK defined colours at 300 ppi or better saved as an eps or tiff file.

Personalized Party Favor Tattoos
Wearable party favors. Chose an image from our library and we add your name or function. The party favor tattoos are full colour, waterproof, easy to apply and remove. They last about a week depending on wear and tear. You will receive 35 1.5”x1.5” Personalized Party Favor Tattoos printed in full colour and the cost is $45.00 plus shipping and applicable taxes. These ship in one week.

If you have any questions, please contact me.

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